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Drama, Music & Dance therapy

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Drama therapy

Drama therapy is an established and validated form of therapy that can be applied to a wide range of participant in an even broader range of issues, problems, and disorders. The evidence backing its effectiveness is compelling, as is the intuitive reasoning behind its appeal. The goals of drama therapy are to promote positive behavioral changes, improve interpersonal relationship skills, integrate physical and emotional wellbeing, achieve personal growth and self-awareness and improve overall quality of life.

Drama for Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Drama therapy involves the use of improvisation, role-play, mime, music and movement, storytelling, masks and rituals, puppetry, theatre games and scripted drama as a therapeutic vehicle.
  • It is an effective type of therapy for ASD because it keeps the children engaged by using surprises and originality.
  • It integrates aspects of cognitive, emotional and social development into therapy activities.
  • Researchers have found when an activity is fun and playful; a child’s brain will “slip out of gear” which can strengthen brain activity and the development of flexible thought patterns.


Music Therapy

Music therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses the naturally mood-lifting properties of music to help people improve their mental health and overall well-being. This form of treatment may be helpful for people with depression and anxiety, and it may help improve the quality of life for people with physical health problems. Anyone can engage in music therapy; you don’t need a background in music to experience its beneficial effects. Music therapy is also often used to help children and adolescents to develop their identities, improve their communication skills, and learn to regulate their emotions.


Dance Therapy

Dance/movement therapy (DMT) is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration. DMT can help people with physical health by increasing strength, improving flexibility, decreasing muscle tension, and boosting coordination. It can also offer important mental health benefits including stress reduction and even symptom relief from conditions such as anxiety and depression. Dance and movement therapy can be used to treat a number of physical and mental health issues. It can be helpful for improving self-esteem and can be useful for people who struggle with body image issues.