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Occupational Therapy for Infants in Coimbatore


Early intervention is crucial for infants experiencing developmental delays or disabilities. In Coimbatore, Steps Groups offers specialized occupational therapy for infants in Coimbatore, designed to support the youngest patients in reaching their developmental milestones and enhancing their growth and overall health.

Understanding Occupational Therapy for Infants

Occupational therapy for infants focuses on ensuring that babies develop essential skills for daily activities, even from a very young age. This can include motor skills, sensory processing abilities, and cognitive development. It’s especially beneficial for infants born prematurely or those facing challenges such as low muscle tone, developmental delays, or sensory sensitivities.

Importance of Early Intervention

Early intervention through occupational therapy can have a transformative impact on an infant’s life. By addressing issues early, therapists can help prevent further developmental challenges as the child grows. Early therapy is tailored to enhance physical abilities, promote proper feeding techniques, and foster cognitive and sensory skills.

Who Can Benefit?

Any infant showing signs of delayed development can benefit from occupational therapy. This includes infants who:

  • Do not meet movement milestones like rolling over, sitting, or crawling
  • Struggle with uncoordinated movements
  • Appear overly floppy or stiff
  • Face difficulties in feeding or sleeping
  • Exhibit extreme reactions to sensory stimulation

Methods of Treating Infants

At Steps Groups, our occupational therapy for infants in Coimbatore employs methods such as: Sensory Integration: To help infants learn to process and respond to different sensory stimuli. Motor Coordination Activities: To strengthen muscles and coordination. Parental Guidance and Support: Educating parents on therapeutic exercises and activities to continue therapy at home.